Lessons from Holy Qur'an



1. The First Pillar of Islam
The testimony, that there is none worthy of worship but ALLAH and Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) is HIS Messenger.
The greatest blessing of ALLAH is Islam in the world. As per dictionary Islam means safety. If we want to pass a safe and satisfied life, we have to choose Islam as our religion. Because our CREATOR commands us in HIS Holy Qur’aan, “WE have completed the blessings on you and approved for you the religion Islam”.

So he, who adopts the religion ‘Islam’, is called ‘Muslim’. But know! Who is the Muslim? The person, who has become loyal to the real religion against his wishes & during his entire life, will be a Muslim. Neither does his love independent from Islam nor does his enmity independent from Islam. His prayers, his sacrifices, his life and his death (all) should be for the GOD, WHO is our MASTER, our CREATOR and WHO gives us livelihood.

The Testimony is although a collection of some words, but only a few people know the depth of its meanings and causes. These some words have changed the thoughts, the acts and characters of the human beings. Before reciting these words the person was only an animal. He was animal nature mankind, who was rebellious, cruel, disloyal and tyrant. But after reciting the Testimony, he became scared from cruelty, rebelliousness, disloyalty and tyranny. Yes, before reciting the Testimony, he was violent of the CREATOR but now he is beloved. At that time he was fuel for the Hell, but now he is a flower of Paradise.

On the other hand when a person recites the Testimony and promises that he is a Muslim, he announces that if there is any law that is law of the GOD. If there is any order, that is of the GOD. As though on becoming a Muslim he has left his independence. Now he can’t say, “This is my opinion and that is the custom of my dynasty, my atmosphere or my society. As after reciting the Testimony, he has lost his right to produce anything against the orders of the GOD and sayings of the Messenger (peace be upon Him).

He, who says himself a Muslim, should understand properly that he will remain Muslim till the time he remains bound under the limitations of Islam. Now for him it is impossible to have belief in the truth of Holy Qur’an, Sunnat [practices of the last Prophet (peace be upon Him)] and on the other hand he supposes needful to follow his sense and devil.

Every thing in the world has its own purpose. Nothing is useless, without purpose or advantage in the universe. Why water is drunk? It is used for quenching the thirst. But after drinking it still anyone remains thirsty. In that case the water is useless for him. Why patient takes medicine? He takes medicine to recover from illness. But if he still remains ill after taking the medicine, the medicine is useless for him. On it, imagine! The Testimony, as though, is nectar for the thirsty person and medicine for the patient. Alone purpose of giving the example of water and medicine is living acclamation change in the field of thoughts and acts. Till now this change has not come in our lives. If after drinking this nectar (reciting the Testimony) still the living acclamation change of thoughts and acts doesn’t come into us, then what is the difference between faith and infidelity?

So, it is learnt that the Testimony turns a Muslim towards heavy responsibility. It is the Instruction, which ALLAH gave us through the Holy Messenger (peace be upon Him). We should accept it whole heartedly. After having faith in it we should act upon this brilliant instruction with the intention of sincerity. Not only with the tongue, should we prove, but also with our acts, that if there is any law, that is only law of ALLAH which is mentioned in the Holy Qur’aan. If there is any system, that is only Divine’s law of religion. If there is any super power on the earth that is the RULER of the rulers. If there is a way to follow the foot-prints of anyone, that is the Spiritual Guide of the Prophets, Hadrat Muhammad (peace be upon Him).

Yes, it is the first and last purpose of the Testimony, that praying to one GOD, following the one last Messenger (peace be upon Him), acting upon one, the last Holy Book “Al Qur’aan” and remaining as one nation in the world.

It is the Testimony, due to which a person has become entirely independent from the worship of hundreds and thousands of the liar gods. History tells us that ashes were enlightened with the rays of the sun due to this Testimony. The shepherd and camel-drivers that lived in the deserts became able to wear the crowns of Caeser and Kisra.

Collected from the Book “Guldasta e-Taqaarir, written by Raees Muhammad Akram and translated by Muhammad Sharif