Lessons from Holy Qur'an



Praise belongs to ALLAH ALMIGHTY and HE is sufficient for us. Compliments & Peace be upon Muhammad (SallALLAHO Alaihe wa Aalehi wasallam), HIS Prophets, Messengers and chosen servants.

Every person wishes to earn Extra Money. Some of them want to become the richest in the world. Some of them desire to live in the society with honor, which is impossible without wealth & property. Some of them attempt to bring up their children to see them successful in their life. Some people are too poor to live. They need food, they need clothes and they need accommodation for themselves and their family.

They all are in search of their heart satisfaction. Their wishes have no end. There was a time when people lived in the caves. They arranged their food by hunting. They wore leaves of the plants/trees instead of clothes.

Then they ploughed earth. They got grain and cotton for their food and clothes. They made their homes with mud and bricks. They invented wheel. From wheel they invented machinery and then industry etc. But they could not satisfy their heart till now.

Each creature that is born is to die. After death he will be resurrected. He will be asked about his acts and deeds done during his first life (in this world). When he comes in this world, he weeps and the people (his parents and other near relatives) laugh and when he dies, he laughs and the people weep. He will be answer-able/responsible for his good and bad deeds on the Day of Resurrection.

For satisfaction of our hearts ALLAH ALMIGHTY commands us in his Holly Book (ALQUR-AAN), “ALAA BE ZIKRILLAHE TATMA-INNUL QOLOOB” (Satisfaction of the Hearts is in the mentions of ALLAH ALMIGHTY). It may be obtained by recitation and praying to GOD. Good deeds and honesty will bring him to Heaven. Evil and bad acts will pull him to the Hell. For proceeding to the Heaven, Faith in one GOD is needful. Detail is as under:-


I believe in:-

• One GOD, WHO is called ALLAH, The CREATOR.
• And HIS Angels (who are created from the Light).
• And HIS Books and Journals (which were descended by HIM on HIS Prophets (Compliments upon Them).
• And HIS Prophets and Messengers (Peace be upon Them)
• And the Day of Judgment and Resurrection
• And Fate – good or vice from the directions of ALLAH ALMIGHTY.
• And Resurrection on the Day of Judgment after death.


I believe in GOD (ALLAH) as HE is known by HIS names, by HIS characteristics (virtues) and I accept all HIS orders and instructions. I promise this with my tongue and have faith in my heart.

Foundation of Islam

Islam is based on following pillars:-
• The Testimony, that there is none worthy of worship except ALLAH and Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) is HIS Messenger.
• Abide by offering prayers.
• Fasting during the holly month of Ramadan.
• Paying the Zakaat (2.5% from the wealth on which one year is over).
• Performing the Hajj (Pilgrimage to Makka)

Collected & Written by: Muhammad Sharif