Lessons from Holy Qur'an

Prostrating and standing before Lord at night (4)

Quran Chapter 25: 71 & 72 (Pt-19, Stg-4) (L-2307) درس قرآن

Prostrating and standing before Lord at night (4)

Chapter Furqaan”- {The Criterion (of Right and Wrong)} – 25

‘A-‘uu-zu  Billaahi minash-Shay-taanir- Rajiim.

 (I seek refuge in Allaah from Satan the outcast)


(In the name of Allaah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)


وَمَن تَابَ وَعَمِلَ صَٰلِحًا فَإِنَّهُۥ يَتُوبُ إِلَى ٱللَّهِ مَتَابًا 71  وَٱلَّذِينَ لَا يَشْهَدُونَ ٱلزُّورَ وَإِذَا مَرُّوا۟ بِٱللَّغْوِ مَرُّوا۟ كِرَامًا 72

71.  And whosoever repenteth and doeth good, he verily repenteth toward Allah with true repentance.


72.  And those who do not witness vanity, but when they pass near senseless play, pass by with dignity.

71.  Wa  man  taaba  wa  ‘amila  saalihan  fa-‘innahuu  yatuubu  ‘ilAllaahi  mataabaa.


72.  Wallaziina  laa  yash-haduu-naz-zuura,  wa  ‘izaa  marruu  bil-lagwi  marruu  kiraamaa.


Generally it was described earlier to the Disbelievers that punishment of great evils will certainly be given to them. There is only one form of safety from the torment that; if they give up committing evil deeds, believe in Allaah Almighty and do good works, then their evil deeds will be forgiven and Allaah Almighty will change their evil deeds to good deeds in their Character Roll.


Now, it is being commanded to the Believers in this verse that if any of them commits any great evil deed negligently or carelessly, then its remedy is “Repentance”. That is to say, to intend strongly that “I shall never commit any such evil deed again” and along with this intension, doing good works. The person, who asks forgiveness (recites: I entreat forgiveness of Allaah) by his tongue at such occasion and apologizes humbly; bowing down in the Court of Allaah Almighty. After that, he should keep himself doing good works constantly.


Then again, the virtues of the righteous people have been described. It is commanded: These people do never tell a lie, nor give evidence falsely and nor take part in fraud, cheating or forgery etc. But they keep themselves away from such places where such evil deeds are committed. And they do neither partake in useless and senseless games, play, dance, songs and amusements, and nor quarrel with such people but they pass by such gatherings with dignity.


Transliterated Holy Qur’aan in Roman Script & Translated from Arabic to English by Marmaduke Pickthall, Published by Paak Company, 17-Urdu Bazaar, Lahore, Lesson collected from Dars e Qur’aan published By Idara Islaah wa Tableegh, Lahore (translated Urdu to English by Muhammad Sharif).

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