Lessons from Holy Qur'an

Those who choose Satan for friend

Quran Chapter 25: 27 to 29 (Pt-19, Stg-4) (L-2286) درس قرآن

Those who choose Satan for friend

Chapter Furqaan”- {The Criterion (of Right and Wrong)} – 25

‘A-‘uu-zu  Billaahi minash-Shay-taanir- Rajiim.

 (I seek refuge in Allaah from Satan the outcast)


(In the name of Allaah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)


وَيَوْمَ يَعَضُّ ٱلظَّالِمُ عَلَىٰ يَدَيْهِ يَقُولُ يَٰلَيْتَنِى ٱتَّخَذْتُ مَعَ ٱلرَّسُولِ سَبِيلًا 27  يَٰوَيْلَتَىٰ لَيْتَنِى لَمْ أَتَّخِذْ فُلَانًا خَلِيلًا 28  لَّقَدْأَضَلَّنِى عَنِ ٱلذِّكْرِ بَعْدَ إِذْ جَآءَنِى وَكَانَ ٱلشَّيْطَٰنُ لِلْإِنسَٰنِ خَذُولًا 29

27.  On the Day when the wrongdoer gnaweth his hands, he will say: Ah, would that I had chosen a way together with the Messenger (of Allah)!


28.  Alas for me! Ah, would that I had never taken such a one for friend!


29.  He verily led me astray from the Reminder after it had reached me. And Satan is ever man’s deserter in the hour of need.

27.  Wa  Yawma  ya-‘az-zuz-zaalimu  ‘alaa  yadayhi  yaquulu  yaalaytanit-takhaztu  ma-‘ar-Rasuuli  sabiilaa.


28.  Yaa-waylataa  laytanii  lam  ‘attakhiz  fulaanan  khaliilaa.


29.  Laqad  ‘azallanii  ‘aniz-Zikri  ba’-da  ‘iz  jaaa-‘anii.  Wa  kaanash-Shaytaanu  lil-‘insaani  Khazuulaa.



Khazuul – (deserter), it is a case of hyperbole from the word khaz-lun, which means “to desert in the hour of necessity, to be of no use in adversity”.


Which repentance and regret will be acquired by those people on the Day of Judgment, who did not believe in Allaah Almighty during their worldly life, its map has been drawn in this verse. When a mankind looks other people going astray in the world, he himself goes astray also and by leaving the Straight Path; he chooses the crooked ways. When on the Day of Resurrection he will be aware of the Truth then he will repent, bite off his hands little by little and expose regret by his tongue in these worlds: Alas for me! Why did I not follow the Sayings of the Messenger (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon him)? Why did I accept the slavery of those who did know nothing save fulfilling own worldly wishes? He will regret at that time that why had he taken the wrongdoers for friends? They had led him astray and removed him from the Right Path which was better for him.


It is commanded: The people, who mislead others unto astray from the Right Path, are “the Devils”, whether those are from the kind of Jinn or mankind. It is a peculiarity of Satan that he gives a point blank refusal and deserts in the hour of necessity.


Transliterated Holy Qur’aan in Roman Script & Translated from Arabic to English by Marmaduke Pickthall, Published by Paak Company, 17-Urdu Bazaar, Lahore, Lesson collected from Dars e Qur’aan published By Idara Islaah wa Tableegh, Lahore (translated Urdu to English by Muhammad Sharif).

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