Lessons from Holy Qur'an

Creation of distinction among castes

Quran Chapter 11-27 (Pt-12, Stg-3) (L-1364) – درس قرآن

Creation of distinction among castes

Surah Huud (Hud) – 11


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

27.  Then the chieftains of his folk, who disbelieved, said: We see thee but a mortal like us, and we see not that any follow thee save the most abject among us, at first thought and we behold in you no excellence over us- nay, we deem you liars. 27.  Faqaalal-Mala-’ulla-ziina  kafaruu  min-  qaw-mihii  maa  naraaka  ‘illaa  basha-ram-misla-naa  wa  maa  naraa-kat-taba-‘a-ka  ‘illal-laziina  hum  ‘araazi-lunaa  baadi-yar-ra’-y.  Wa  maa  naraa  lakum  ‘alay-naa  min-  fazlim-  bal  nazun-nukum  kaazi-biin.     




‘Araazi-lunaa – (the most abject among us), this word is plural of ‘arzala, which has been derived from the word razala. Razala means “to be from a low caste, to be inferior”. From the same; the word razaalat has come out. Raziil is the person who is “a mean fellow, a vagabond, a low caste”. Here it aims: such people who earn by means of lowly professions, for example; sweepers etc.


It is commanded that the folk of Messenger Noah (peace be upon him) did not give any importance to His sayings. They said: While you are also a man like us, then why should we obey your command? Moreover, those people who have believed in You, they too belong to a low caste. They are not from the people vested with authority, power or riches. In addition to this, your group has not shown any prominent work performed by them, from which we consider that you people are superior to us. It is clear that we deem: You all are liars. You fabricated a new method for the purpose that you were desirous of acquiring some fame and honor, but in vain.


It seems that distinction in castes, sects, tribes and nations began from those people {the folk of Noah (peace be upon him)}, and they were also founders of idol-worshipping, because they admitted that some of them were superior, and after them, they made their idols, with the passage of time, which became their gods.     


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