Lessons from Holy Qur'an

Useful and harmful things spread in the world

Quran Chapter 11-15 & 16 (Pt-12, Stg-3) (L-1356) – درس قرآن

Useful and harmful things spread in the world

Surah Huud (Hud) – 11


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


What can someone cause to understand any individual more than that which has been explained in the previous verses? After that, there is an extreme need of meditation by reciting the Holy Qur’an again and again, and summary of those advices should be placed in the heart; which have been mentioned in it, so that the form of dressing the life is produced, otherwise; there is nothing at the end save ruin and destruction.


Holy Qur’an has been informing that worldly life of the mankind is only of a few days, and it has been given to the human being for the purpose that he should be ready for that real life which will start after death. This world is a place of examination, in which; both kinds of things (useful and harmful) have been spread duly mixed up, and the mankind have been caused to know by means of the Messengers and Prophets (peace be upon them); that they should never consider that; “this (worldly) life is their real life”, and it should not be fixed as own aim. It is only a wonderful sort of reflection of the real life, in which; those things appear attractive before ordinary people; form of which is nothing but stir, restlessness, serpents, scorpions and the Fire in the real Life. The person who will run behind the things towards which; his sight attracts, to him; those things will be provided in the same attractive artificial form, and if it would be possible, he will reap advantage fully from them. But as soon as he will die, those things will be changed in their original form; and he will see that it was mass of fire, which does not have any quality save burning and giving pain.


The person who obeyed the commands of Holy Qur’an, comprehended the reality of those things and understood that attraction of those things is a deception, he prevented himself from inclining unto them, and he turned his attention to such things which are conspicuous here in the form of restraint from wishes and abstinence, and those things will be apparent there in the form of pleasure and ease, he passed the test and his real life will be dressed.


One more thing which is known from these verses, is that; abstinence, God-fearing and prevention from desires etc. are however; good things. But their benefit will appear in the life of Hereafter; only in such form; if these will be adopted for acquiring pleasure of Allah Almighty purely. If it would be for any other purpose beside the pleasure of Allah Almighty, then it will not be useful in the Hereafter, where the standard of the success will be only that how much a person performed good works for the sake of Allah Almighty. Which good works would have been done for any other purpose, their retaliation and advantage will be given only in this world according to one’s luck, and they will get nothing in the Hereafter. Such people will be told: For which purpose you became pious; that was fulfilled during your worldly life. Now; there is nothing for you, however, in the form of your abstinence, which you adopted in the world, here the Fire is. Therefore they will be thrown into the Fire.


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