Lessons from Holy Qur'an

Anguish for them who prevent from going Straight Way

Lesson # 1000 from Noble Quran

Anguish for them who prevent from going Straight Way

Surah ‘ANFAAL (SPOILS OF WAR) – Chapter – 8)

Stage – 2, Verses – 35 & 36 of 75, Section – 4 of 10 (Part – 9)


In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

35.  And their worship at the (holy) House is naught but whistling and hand-clapping. Therefore (it is said unto them): Taste of the doom because ye disbelieved.


36.  Lo! those who disbelieve spend their wealth in order that they may debar (men) from the way of Allah. So they will spend it, then it will become an anguish for them, then they will be conquered. And those who disbelieve will be gathered unto Hell-              

35.  Wa  maa  kaana  salaatuhum  ‘indal-Bayti  ‘illaa  mukaaa-‘anw-wa  tas-diyah.  Fazuuqul-‘azaaba  bimaa  kuntum  takfuruun.


36.  ‘Innal-laziina  kafaruu  yunfi-quuna  ‘amwaa-lahum  li-yasudduu  ‘an-  Sabii-LIllaah.  Fasa-yunfi-quunahaa  summa  takuunu  ‘alay-him  hasratan  summa  yug-labuun.  Wallaziina  kafaruuu  ‘ilaa  Jahannama  yuhsharuuna.          


Mukaaa-‘an – (whistling), this word is a source, which means “to whistle by mouth”.


Tas-diyatan – (hand-clapping), it has been derived from the word sadaa, original meaning of which is “echo, resounding, hollow sound, roar and a clasp”. Here it aims “to create sound or making noise by striking both palms of the hands with each other.


It was described in the previous verses that torment has been hovering on their heads due to their evil deeds. But they have been saved still due to the only reason that the Messenger of God Almighty (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him) has been living between them and the sound of asking forgiveness and begging pardon of Allah Almighty by Muslims have been clasping.


Those people do neither know “how to worship”, nor are they aware of their Worshiped. They have named the acts of whistling and hand-clapping by gathering at any particular place “Divine worship”. They do not understand this matter that “the worship” is to please “The Worshiped” not to please themselves. Due to the reason of this infidelity and irreligion; they would have to taste the severe anguish of God Almighty.


In the next verse; one more error of the disbelievers has been manifested. It is commanded that wealth, property and war equipment are such things which help in the battle for victory. But those people spend their wealth to prevent others from the Way of God Almighty. At last; they will gain nothing but remain woe-be-gone.


Your wealth will do nothing for you. You will be defeated certainly. And if; even then; you would neither understand and nor embrace Islam; then you all will be thrown in to the Fire of the Hell.


Transliterated Holy Qur’an in Roman Script & Translated from Arabic to English by Marmaduke Pickthall, Published by Pak Company, 17-Urdu Bazaar, Lahore, Lesson collected from Dars e Qur’aan published By Idara Islaah wa Tableegh, Lahore (translated Urdu to English by Muhammad Sharif)