Lessons from Holy Qur'an

Time for correction is gained from the respite

Lesson # 803 From the Noble Quran

Time for correction is gained from the respite

Surah ‘Al-‘An-‘aam (Cattle) – Chapter – 6)–Stage – 2

Verse –148a of 165, Section – 18 of 20 (Part – 8)


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

They who are idolaters will say: Had Allah willed, we had not ascribed (unto Him) partners neither had our fathers, nor had we forbidden aught. Thus did those who were before them give the lie (to Allah’s Messengers) till they tasted of Our punishment.           Sa-yaquu-lullaziina  ‘ashrakuu  law  shaaa-‘Allaahu  maaa  ‘ash-raknaa  wa  laaa  ‘aabaaa-‘unaa  wa  laa  harramnaa  min  shay.  Kazaa-lika  kazzabal-laziina  min-  qablihim  hattaa  zaaquu  ba’-saNaa.   

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It was understood from the previous verse that the Wrath of Allah Almighty is lurking always upon the heads of guilty people. The evildoer is saved for a few days, but for how long? His woe and ill-luck is mounted on the neck of entire nation. Whenever misdeeds become common in imitation of effectual and wealthy people then it should be understood that the nation is going towards the destruction. If neither it became cautious and nor anyone prevented the individuals from wicked-deeds, then the Wrath is beyond question. Coming not the Wrath forthwith, is also a Mercy, because the time for correction is gained from the respite. The same subject has been explained more clearly in this verse.


It is commanded that these people, who associate others in worship and who are stuck in evils, will search the pretense of those deeds, which are against the humanity, that, which act they are committing, is the same as their fathers used to do. They say: If Allah had not liked these matters, He would have stopped us very earlier. That, which you say that we should give up all things as – thinking about other things leaving Allah, and fixing some things forbidden and some lawful without commands of Allah, how a wonderful is it? Tell us! How can we obey You? These acts have been being done since the times of our fore-fathers. Neither any of them was ruined and nor the wrath came.


As reply to their absurd thoughts, Allah Almighty commanded that you should say to them: Such Wrath, which may destroy everything, has been held up due to the spacious Mercy of Allah Almighty. It is being postponed for the reason that perhaps; these evildoers become careful any time and give up evils, otherwise; the Wrath is ready every time for the guilty people.


The Wrath have come upon the ancient people and they were ruined due to the adversity of their disobedience. They used to say also before coming of the Wrath that evil and sin is nothing. Continue committing whatever you wish. Wrath and punishment will never come. At last, the Wrath came and they were removed from the Home Page of the Existence.


There is severe warning for us in this verse. We should understand it thoroughly that those deeds which have been forbidden in the Holy Qur’an and the evildoers have been frightened from their punishment; it is the time to give up them. This respite should be taken as a blessing.


The earthquakes, storms, diseases and calamities, which use to come in the world, are meant that the humankind should leave disobeying the Commands of Allah Almighty, having fear of His Wrath, because human being has no control over the earthquakes and the storms. Certainly the experience of mankind has increased, but mostly he can describe only the causes of these calamities from it, he is unable to challenge them. Saying that: These are the natural accidents, what interference of the acts of humankind is in the calamities? These are only their stupid sayings.


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