Lessons from Holy Qur'an

Revile not those unto whom they pray beside Allah

Lesson # 764 From the Noble Quran

Revile not those unto whom they pray beside Allah

Surah ‘Al-‘An-‘aam (Cattle) – Chapter – 6)–Stage – 2

Verse –108a of 165, Section – 13 of 20 (Part – 7)


In the name of Allaah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Revile not those unto whom they pray beside Allah lest they wrongfully revile Allah through ignorance. Wa  laa  tasubbul-laziina  yad-‘uuna  min-  duuNIllaahi  faya-subUllaaha  ‘adwam-bi-gay-ri  ‘ilm. 

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Laa  tasubbuu – (do not revile), it is an interdict order, which has been made from sabbun. Sabbun means “to abuse, to use insulting language, to reproach, to hate”.

‘Adwan – (wrongfully, disrespectfully), Second form of ‘Adw is ‘udwaan, actually which means “moving beyond the proper limits”. Here it aims “disrespectful, revilement”.


It is clear to understand from the previous verses that the Muslims should not use insulting language for others needlessly, but they should draw their entire attention to correct their religious beliefs and prove before the world with their behavior, manners and character that they are most distinguished in all the human beings. We have already known earlier that these are the actual meanings of preaching.


It has also been understood in the previous verses that all kinds of people will live in the world. The attempt to annihilate one another or intention of overpowering and imposing oneself over other people is needless and waste of time, and choosing the manner of wild ravenous by giving up the way of mankind.


Holy Quran teaches: Don’t take the initiative to quarrel with any person. Don’t make anyone enemy of yours due to own way of deed. You should treat them with good behavior also, who do not trouble you but deal well. Establish safety and peace mutually. Your attention should be in the direction that you are seen ahead of all and superior to entire people in good works and morality. If your nature will be quarrelsome for others, then your entire time will be lost among them and you will not be able to act as it is required for setting yourself right and own correction according to the prescribed way of Holy Quran.


The same object has been explained more clearly in the verse under discussion. It is commanded that the Muslims should neither revile the gods of other people, whether those belong to any religion, nor use insulting language for any of them and nor hate, because in its result, they will begin to revile your Worshipped (Allah Almighty) disrespectfully and wrongfully through ignorance (Let us flee to God). And this type of emotion is quite natural as it will be discussed in future. It is that golden principle, which should be tied firmly in knots.

Abstract of this description comes out that if you will abuse someone or any of his venerable, certainly will he revile you, your relatives and venerable. So you should control your tongue and bear in mind that none should be scorned by your any kind of talk or deed, otherwise he will hold you also in the extreme contempt.  


Transliterated Holy Qur’an in Roman Script & Translated from Arabic to English by Marmaduke Pickthall, Published by Paak Company, 17-Urdu Bazar, Lahore, Lesson collected from Dars e Qur’aan published By Idara Islaah wa Tableegh, Lahore (translated Urdu to English by Muhammad Sharif) .