Lessons from Holy Qur'an

Mankind’s heart-breaking thing

Lesson # 721 From Holy Qur’aan

Mankind’s heart-breaking thing

Surah ‘Al-‘An-‘aam (Cattle) – Chapter – 6)–Stage – 2

Verses – 54 & 55 of 165, Section – 6 of 20 (Part – 7)


In the name of Allaah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

54.  And when those who believe in Our Revelations come unto Thee, say: Peace be unto you! Your Lord hath prescribed for Himself mercy, that whoso of you doeth evil through ignorance and repenteth afterward thereof and doeth right, (for him) lo! He is Forgiving, Merciful.


55.  Thus do We expound the Revelations that the way of the unrighteous may be manifest.

54.  Wa  ‘izaa  jaaa-‘akal-laziina  yu’-minuuna  bi-‘AayaatiNaa  faqul  Salaa-mun- ‘alay-kum  kataba  Rabbukum  ‘alaa  Nafsihir-Rahmata,  ‘annahuu  man  ‘amila  minkum  suuu-‘am  bi-jahaa-latin  summa  taaba  mim- ba’-dihii  wa  ‘aslaha  fa-‘annaHuu  Gafuurur-Rahiim.


55.  Wa  kazaalika  Nufassi-lul- ‘Aayaati  wa  litas-tabiina  sabiilul-mujri-miin.   

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Haughtiness and vainglory of the infidels was described in the previous verse that they do not like even to sit near the poor people. There is no such mankind’s heart-breaking thing more than it that he is considered as humiliated, and the person, who considers himself a humiliated, is also like him “a human being” in all sorts, who insulted him. Wealthy people of Makkah used to consider themselves superior to the poor and insolvent people in their hearts as well as they used to say them “Of Low Status” also face to face by their tongues recklessly. This is a very big fault to insult and hate anyone. Certainly they, who were poor but faithful to Islam, used to grieve extremely.


Therefore, the Messenger of Allaah Almighty (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him) has been instructed particularly that those people (the poor) should be satisfied and consoled, and pleased with glad tiding that they have deserved Mercy of Allaah Almighty after embracing Islam. Even that whoso of them commits evil through ignorance and repents afterward thereof, then he will be forgiven. Allaah Almighty knows the condition of their hearts and intention that intentionally they do not disobey their Lord Almighty. So their mistake and error is excused and their penitence is accepted.


Now, let’s take a thought in the summary of this verse. It is commanded: O Messenger (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him)! When those who believe in Our Revelations come unto Thee, welcome them with good benediction and say: “Salaamun ‘Alaykum” (Peace be unto you), then cause to hear them happy news, “Your Lord has prescribed for Himself Mercy, that whoso of you will do evil through ignorance (because a believer does not commit any sin intentionally) and repent afterward thereof, Allaah Almighty will forgive him on his penitence. You will find Him as a Forgiving, Merciful on apologizing and promising not to commit the evil in future.


Then Allaah Almighty says: As you see, We expound the Revelations. It is importunity of Our Grace of Mercy and Guidance, and it aims that the way of the evildoers and wicked people may be separated totally from the good persons, and there should not remain any doubt among the both ways.


Deep Thought and Reflection upon the Previous Verses

Here we should stop a while and think upon that, what would we have to learn from which has been being described in the previous verses. At the time of revelation of these verses, the wealthy people of Makkah had laid down terror on the poor and insolvent people, and it was a way to put the society that the standard of honor and nobility had become the wealth and property. The rich people wished to keep the remaining people under their control duly pressed and drive them in accord with their own command. Condition of other countries outside the Arab was worse than them. All human beings were actually slaves and maids of the rich and rulers. They used to use them entirely like the animals and consider: Pleasure and comfort is only our right, because we have all things like wealth, property, dignity and magnificence. Therefore, entire people are our servants. They should move on our signals and accept that thankfully, whatsoever we give them for eating and drinking, wear that dress, whichever we provide them. In the Arab, this condition was a little less than other parts of the world, however it was.


The aim of Islam was to establish the equality among the entire humankind, so it was incumbent to lead the people in such a manner in the beginning that tyranny and oppression is eradicated and every human being reap the advantage from the blessings of the world to the extent of their necessities. And all the people help him collectively in fulfilling his requirements. None should consider any other person lower in rank and nor anyone should be insulted or hated.


It has been instructed to the Messenger (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him): You have not come in the world to serve the rich and haughty people, so don’t favor them of any particular sort. Allaah Almighty has fixed the standard of nobility, sincerity of the heart and being thankful to Lord Almighty. These etiquettes can be in the poor people too, so say them never ‘get out’, if they come, thinking: what would be of Islam; Islam will be honored in the world if the wealthy people will embrace It. “We have not set the respect of Islam depending on any particular class of the people. Moreover, We have made Islam the source of respect for the entire human beings”.           


If the poor people will bow towards Allaah Almighty and will be His grateful servants, then they will be certainly honored due to Islam i.e. Islam is not needy of the mankind for own respect, but the humankind are indigent of Islam for getting real honor.   


We would have to learn from this lesson that we should never determine the wealth and property as source of nobility and respect. Islam has not determined collection of wealth as our mission. Those people who have been running after collection of the wealth, they have been spoiling the society. That person or group of such people is enemy of the humanity, who desires to collect much wealth and wants to become owner of luxurious apparatus of the world itself, and wishes other people to work on the emphasis of his wealth, agreeably to his desire. Moreover he is not an independent mankind. He is a slave of his mean wishes. Original face of Islamic Society is to console, sympathize and desire of pleasing one another mutually. Say every person, who is seen first “’As-Salaamu- ‘Alaykum” (Peace be unto you). Saying these words to anyone is a declaration of this wish, “I want to see you healthy, happy, in ease and comfort”. Then this sympathy should be proved in the form of love and sacrifice with own dealing.


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