Lessons from Holy Qur'an

They will Enter Paradise, Who Did Good Works

Lesson # 559 From Holy Qur’aan

They will Enter Paradise, Who Did Good Works

Surah Nisaaa’ (Women) – Chapter – 4)

Verses –123 & 124 of 176, Section – 18/24 (Part – 5)

123.  It will not be in accordance with your desires, nor the desires of the People of the Scripture. He who doeth wrong will have the recompense thereof, and will not find against Allah any protecting friend or helper.


124.  And whoso doeth good works, whether of male or female, and he (or she) is a believer, such will enter Paradise and they will not be wronged a speck.          

123.  Laysa  bi-‘amaa-niyyikum   wa  laa  ‘amaa-niyyi  ‘Ahlil-Kitaab.  Many-ya’-mal  suuu-‘any-yujza  bihii  wa  laa  yajid  lahuu   min-duuNIllaahi  waliy-yanw-wa  laa  nasiiraa.


124.  Wa  many-ya’-mal  minas-saalihaati  min  zakarin  ‘aw  ‘unsaa  wa  huwa  Mu’-minun-  fa-‘ulaaa-‘ika  yadkhu-luunal-  Jannata  wa  laa yuz-lamuuna  naqiiraa.  




Yujza – (will have the recompense), this word has been derived from the word Jazaa, which means ‘retaliation’. The word ‘retaliation’ is used for both purposes i.e. Reward for them who did good works and punishment for wrong-doers.  

Naqiiraa (a speck, an atom), as per Arabic language naqiir is a deep line in the Centre of the Stone of Date fruit. Due to this relation, here it signifies towards a worthless thing.


It was mentioned in the previous lesson that disbelievers and infidels turn away their faces from Allaah Almighty because they have been misled by the Devil, they name the idols like females and sacrifice their religious offerings upon them. Those people will be cast into the Hell and then they will never be able to come out from the Fire. It was also told that the Believers, who will do good works, the room for them will be made in the luxuriant Gardens of the Paradise. They will live there very comfortably forever.


Listening to this type of verses regarding reward and punishment, the Jews and the Christians used to say, “We do not have any concern with it because we are especial bondmen of God. The agony cannot touch us”. The Jews used to say, “We are (let’s flee to Allaah) sons of God. How can we be punished”? At the other hand the Christians have belief, “Prophet Jesus Christ (peace be upon Him) was hanged and He sacrificed His life as retaliation of our sins. Therefore, we would not be caught against our sins. No torment will touch us even if we do any kind of evil/sin”. All of them have been answered in these verses.


It has been directed that neither it will be in accordance with the boasting of the Jews and nor it will be in accordance with what someone else says. It is the principle that the person, who is evil-doer, will be punished for his/her sins and evils, and nobody can be his/her protecting friend or helper to save from the grip of Allaah Almighty. And who will do good works, will have pure belief, that person, whether of male or female, such will enter Paradise and they will not be wronged a speck, and there will be no any deficiency in his/her reward even equal to a seed of sesamem (til).   



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