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««««««« Why Don’t You Have A Boyfriend? »»»»»»»

She replied with confidence: you tell me: why would I have a bf?!

I guess you have no answer for my question, but I have answers for yours :

First, I am a believer, I can’t do what displease my Creator, HE ordered me not to take a bf so I should obey HIM.

Allah says in Qur’an: “nor those who take [secret] lovers. “(surat Al-Nisa-25)

Second, I am a daughter of a man who raised me to be a chaste woman, I am a sister of a man who is proud of my purity, so I don’t want to disappoint them, and most of all I don’t want to disappoint a third man who is my future husband and the father of my children in shaa Allah, because I am preserving myself to him only
My mom raised me to be a righteous woman so that I deserve a righteous man she never raised me to be a toy in any boy’s hand, but she raised me to complete the Deen of a pious man.

Also, I am not an easy girl who would be impressed with sweet love words, but I am a proud Muslimah who is just like a pearl in its shell no one can touch it but a brave man who would value it and cherish its beauty…

Dear Muslimahs…Know your worth! And Be that One In Million who love to have the love of Their Lord than the love of a boyfriend!!! 




 To show breast, bare body including legs, discloses the thoughts of the woman that she wants any male partner for love and sexual course, she is hungry of this need. She invites the common people to touch her. But on the other hand a noble woman hides her body from the eyes of each stranger. She is sincere only for her life partner, her husband. It is the cruel act of the West that after snatching the honor from the woman it gave her freedom. I say it is not the freedom that the woman is compelled to earn keeping herself between the strange men. It is the responsibility of the man to afford the domestic expenses. Woman is responsible to hold the domestic affairs and grow up the children. It is impossible for a woman to escape herself from the men while she remains the entire working period with them. As the man wishes more women instead of his alone wife, like this the woman also wishes many friends instead of her husband. It is the nature that the man is for woman to be liked and the woman is for the man to be liked. But the nobility does not permit them to meet other than one’s own partner. If the woman meets with many male persons, then how will it be distinct that whose semen is going to become her child? Who will be called its father? So it’s the matter of understanding. If she passes her life with only one husband then her children will be lawful, otherwise unlawful.


 In our country the persons having noble hearts see the woman in four countenances: Mother, Sister, Daughter and Wife. They don’t like to see a woman other than these relations. However each type of peoples is found everywhere. But the respect is for these relations.

Whores are also found everywhere. They may have much wealth but I think mentally they are unsatisfied. Noble women live in veil. Veil is also
a respect of the woman. The women with bare bodies are just like animals because animals live bare, they do not need clothes. But the God Almighty has bestowed wisdom to the person who is called human being or mankind and Caliph of God Almighty on the earth, who may distinguish between good and bad, lawful and unlawful because act of each moment will be counted on the Doomsday.


“The children, looking to whom a person feels spiritual happiness and considers them like its own flowers”.


 Collected by

Muhammad Sharif (http://hltsharif.blogspot.com)(muhammadsharif276@gmail.com)