Lessons from Holy Qur'an

Invitation Of Holy Qur’aan



 Invitation Of Holy Qur’aan

Verse –41 of 286, section – 5

And believe in that which I have revealed, confirming that which ye possess already (of the Scripture), and be not first to disbelieve therein, and part not with My Revelations for a trifling price, and keep your duty unto Me.   

Wa ‘aaminuu bimaaa ‘an-zaltu musaddiqal-limaa ma-‘a-kum wa laa takuunuuu ‘aw-wala kaafirim-bih. Wa laa tash-taruu bi-‘Aayaati samanan qaliilaa; wa ‘iyyaaya fattaquun.


Maaa ‘an-zaltu – (which I have revealed) it signifies towards Holy Qur’aan, which was revealed on the last Prophet (Peace be upon Him). This is the last Holy Book of God Almighty.


Maa ma-‘a-kum – which you have, it signifies towards the Holy Book Torah which was revealed on the Prophet Moses (Peace be upon Him). Its truth and religious rules are approved by Holy Qur’aan.


Israelite are the people who are invited first of all to believe on Holy Qur’aan. These people were the most famous out of the Believers of Holy Books. They lived in the vicinity of Madina. This principle was also in accord with the rule that invitation of goodness should be started from the relatives and neighbours first. In the previous verse Allah Almighty reminded them His rewards and blessings upon them and commanded to fulfill the covenant which they have done with Him.


The covenant which is being asked to fulfill, to believe on this book “Holy Qur’aan” is included which is revealed on the Last Messenger Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him). So they should believe on It and act upon Its Instructions. This Book, “Holy Qur’aan” also authenticates the principles of their Holy Books.


After this it is being admonished that anyhow they shouldn’t be the first disbelievers of the Holy Qur’aan out of the people who know the Religion of God Almighty. As much knowledge regarding acquaintance of the last Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) and truth of Holy Qur’aan you have, that no other nation has so much. So it is expected from that you will not become example of infidelity and refusal for others. But as you are being invited first out of Holy Book Holders, you will become cause of temptation for others by believing it first, that they admit and believe on it seeing you. You shouldn’t be afraid that if you will believe on this last Holy Book and last Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him), you will lose your worldly dignity, influence and impression. Moreover you will see that all badness will perish due to blessings of Islam. This world will become comfortable for you and in the next world on the day of Resurrection) you will be avoided from punishment.

Samanan qaliila– (a trifling price) it means that not to become desirous of wealth leaving the Right. The world is a contemptible and unvalued thing comparing to the Right and Truth whether it seems how great apparently because it is temporary and frail.

Wa ‘iyyaaya fattaquun – and have afraid of Me. It’tiqaa means save oneself from badness (evils). Here it is pointed towards only the fear of the agony of God should be cause of avoiding badness. Although, the person who has fear of Allah in his heart, he can save himself from the act of badness.


As Holy Qur’aan has behaved soft with Jews and as fairly invited them towards Islam that it is also a proof about Holy Qur’aan that it is the Speech of God. Manner of declaring the events and method of addressing shows respect of Jews. Nothing is narrated like that may provoke them. It is the miracle of Holy Qur’aan that created proper environment for declaration of truth. If we the Muslims copy at least some of it then all the fears of world will get finished.


The behaviour which Jews adopted with Islam, its base seems nothing without stubborn and misunderstanding. Aim from selling the verses of God is that Jewish Scholars changed Commands of God for casual benefits of this world, issued self made religious decrees for some money, and hid orders of God and did them inter-mixed for hiding their own badness. When scholars of any nation indulge in these types of defects, then it is difficult for the nation to save her from destruction.


In this lesson Allah Almighty preaches much about the good conduct. Life in this world and its benefits are for a few days. Due to this reason He advised the Jews not to take decisions by changing His orders for the sake of contemptible gifts. Because the reward of telling correctly about My orders is better for both the worlds (this life and on the day of Resurrection) than these casual advantages and some compensations.


Transliteration in Roman Script, English Translation by Marmaduke Pickthall, Published by Paak Company, 17-Urdu Bazar, Lahore and Paraphrase collected from Dars e Qur’aan published By Idara Islah wa Tableegh, Lahore (translated by Muhammad Sharif Fauji)