Sayings of the Holy Messenger (Peace be upon Him)

Dealings With Other People



Dealing With Other People

222.  Sayyidina ‘Abdullah bin Mas’ood (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)

It is sinful to revile a Muslim; and to fight with him is to disbelieve. (Bukhari, Muslim, Mishkat)

223.  Sayyidina Abu Hurayrah (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)

It does not behove a true Muslim that he go on cursing other people. (Muslim, Mishkat)

224.  Sayyidina Abu Hurayrah  (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)

Anyone says “people have perished” (considering himself pious and meaning to say that other people are involved in bad deeds) then he is the one to whom the statement applies more than to those people. (Muslim, Mishkat)

225.  Sayyidina Abu Hurayrah  (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)

The worst of men, on the day of Resurrection will be the two-faced man who goes to some people with one face and to others with another face. (Bukhari, Muslim, Mishkat)

226.  Sayyidina Huzayfah  (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)

A tale bearer will not enter Paradise. (Muslim, Mishkat)

227.  Sayyidina Anas  (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)

He who has given up disputing while he was on the wrong will have a palace built for him on the edge of Paradise and he who gives up disputing while he was truthful will have palace built for him in the centre of Paradise. As for him who is well mannered he will have it built for him in the loftiest part of Paradise.  (Tirmizi, Mishkat)

228.  Sayyidina Bahz bin Hakim  (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)

Pity him who tells lies to make people laugh. Pity him! Pity him!  (Ahmad, Mishkat)

229.  Sayyidina Mu’aaz  (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)

If anyone accuses his (Muslim) brother of a sin (for which he has repented) then he will not die until he has committed that sin himself.  (Tirmizi, Mishkat)

230.  Sayyidah ‘Aishah  (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ha)

I do not like that I should mimic anyone (or, find fault of anyone) even if I were to get something for that. (Tirmizi, Mishkat)

231.  Sayyidina ‘Iyaad bin Himaar  (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)

Allah has revealed to me that I should be humble so that no one boasts over another and no one oppresses anyone else. (Muslim, Mishkat)

232.  Sayyidina Abu Hurayrah (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)

Those people who boast about their dead (disbelieving) ancestors must stop doing that because they have become fuel for Hell. Such people surely are more lowered in the sight of Allah than the black insect which rubs its nose in filth. Surely, Allah has removed the pride of the days of ignorance when people took pride in their ancestors. People are of only two kinds, now; the God-fearing, devoted Believers, or the evil-minded sinners. All mankind are children of Aadam and Aadam was created from dust. (Tirmizi, Abu Dawood, Mishkat)

233.  Sayyidina ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)

Ar-Rahman is Merciful to those who show mercy. Have mercy on the people of earth, the Owner of Heaven will have mercy on you. (Tirmizi, Abu Dawood, Jama’ al-Fawaa’id)

234.  Sayyidina Abu Hurayrah (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)

Once, someone was very thirsty while he was going on his way. After some distance of walking, he found a well. He got down into it and drank water from it. Then, he saw a dog paining from thirst trying to quench it with dust. He thought to himself that the dog was as thirsty as he had been a short while ago. so he got down into the well again and, not having a vessel to fill it with water, he filled his sock with it and holding the sock in his mouth he climbed out of the well he watered the dog on coming out. Allah liked his deed very much and as a result, for-gave him. (Bukhari, Muslim, Jama’ al-Fawaa’id)

235.  Sayyidina Miqdaam bin Ma’dikarib (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)

When someone loves his brother, he should let him know that he loves him. ((Tirmizi, Abu Dawood, Jama’al-Fawaa’id)

236.  Sayyidina Abu Hurayrah (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)

If you love someone, be moderate in showing your love to him for he might become the cause of your anger, someday. And if you dislike and hate someone, be moderate in your dislike for him for, someday, he might become your beloved. (Tirmizi, Jama’ al-Fawaa’id)

237.  Sayyidah ‘Aishah (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ha)

He, among the Muslims has a perfect faith who is very well-mannered and behaves with his family members very mildly and kindly. (Tirmizi, Jama’ al-Fawaa’id)

Collected  from The Book “Sayings of The Prophet” (Peace Be Upon Him),  Written by Justice Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani &  Published by Darul Ishaat, Urdu Bazaar Karachi,  (collected by: Muhammad Sharif) 

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