Sayings of the Holy Messenger (Peace be upon Him)

Unfair Dealings in Business




Unfair Dealings in Business

106.       Sayyidina Jabir (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)

       The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) cursed him who takes interest, and who gives it, who witnessed the deal. He said that they are all alike.(Muslim, Mishkat)

  1. Sayyidina Abu Hurayrah (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)

People will see a time surely when there is no one who has not received interest and if there is anyone who has not, he surely has felt its dust on him(that is, its effects).(Ahmad, Abu Dawood, Mishkat)


  1. Sayyidina ‘Abdullah bin Hanzalah (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)

If anyone receives even a dirham in interest intentionally then it is more serious than committing adultery thirty-six times. (Ahmad, Dara Qutni, Mishkat)


109                             Sayyidina Abu Hurayrah (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)

The sin against interest is made up of seventy parts, the least degree is as if he committed adultery his mother.(Ibn Majah, Mishkat)


110.      Sayyidina samurah bin Jundab (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)

       Tonight I dreamt that two men came to me and took me to a sacred place and we went on until we arrived at a river of blood in the middle of which was a man while another man stood at its bank and had plenty of stones before him. The man in the middle of the river tried to come out of it but the one at the bank hurled a stone on his mouth forcing him to return to his original place. In this way, whenever he tried to come out, the other threw a stone on his mouth and compelled him to go back to his place. I asked “Who is this?” and was told that the man in the river was the one who took interest. (Bukhari, Targheeb)



  1. Sayyidina ‘Abdullah bin Mas’ood (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)

Even if anyone earns much through interest, the consequences are that he will face paucity. (Ibn Majah,Haakim, Targheeb)


112.       Sayyidina ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)

       If anyone buys food grain then he must not re-sell it until he receives possession of it.(Bukhari, Muslims, Mishkat)


113        Sayyidina ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)

       A man must not quote more than the amount offered by his brother (that is, interfere into their bargain), and no one should make a proposal of marriage over the proposal of his brother unless he has his consent. (Muslims, Mishkat)


114.       Sayyidina Jabir (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)

       Let not a city-dweller sell for a villager (or a man from the desert). Leave people alone and Allah will provide them provision through one another. (Muslim, Mishkat)



Collected by Muhammad Sharif Fauji from The Book “Sayings of The Prophet” (Peace Be Upon Him), Darul Ishaat, Urdu Bazaar Karachi