Lessons from Holy Qur'an

Claim of Truth and Challenge of Holy Qur-‘aan

Claim of Truth and Challenge of Holy Qur-‘aan
Verse – 23 of 286, section -3
And if ye are in doubt concerning
that which We have revealed unto
Our slave (Muhammad), then
produce a Surah of the like thereof , and call your witnesses beside Allah
if ye are truthful. Wa ‘in- kuntum fii ray-bim-mimmaa nazzal-naa ‘alaa ‘Abdinaa fa’-tuu bi-Suuratim-mim, mis-lih. Wad-‘uu shuha-daaa- ‘akum- min- duunillaahi ‘in- kuntum saadi-qiin.
Nazzal-naa – We revealed. The Speech (Holy Qur’aan) was revealed on Muhammad ‘the Last Prophet’ (peace be upon Him) from Allah Almighty through Gabriel Angel (compliments on Him).

Mis-lihii – Like this. In this word it is pointed out towards both the excellent meanings of Holy Qur’aan, ‘literal’ as well as ‘significant’. Dictation is so easy that every body can understand easily. Intention is discussed beautifully, entire and complete. Second large excellence of the Holy Qur’aan is that every person ‘male’ and ‘female’ have been taught the method of living. If the person moves on this true path he/she will get success in this world and on the Day of Resurrection. If any infidel is in doubt that this is not the Speech of God, it is only a talk of any person then he should try to bring any one surah like this which has both the excellences as mentioned above. If not so then he should accept that the Holy Qur’aan is speech of God. And no body can make any book like this without any doubt, if someone wishes, he may include the entire world in this work he is free.

Shuha-daaa- ‘akum – Your witnesses. Call the people to witness your claim that you have written the answer of this Surah and they verify you.

In the previous verses Allah Almighty told that He is the Creator of all the human beings and sets up them. So He is the Worshipped only. It was necessary to prove the prophet-hood of the Messenger (Peace be upon Him) so that it might be clear to the human beings that the Holy Qur’aan which was bestowed to the Messenger is Speech of God. Due to this reason after the announcement of Oneness of God, invitation for acceptance of prophet-hood was given. And it was told the people that if they had doubt in the truth of Prophet, and they presume that the Holy Qur’aan is not the speech of God (we seek shelter of Allah) then they produce and show any speech like this. All the nations and their scholars tried to do so but they could neither do so and nor they would be able to do so.

Holy Qur’aan is proof of truth itself. It is the claim of Holy Qur’aan that if any body does not accept it as the Speech of God, he should produce any speech like this.

God commanded in one verse of Holy Qur’aan, “prepare and produce ten surahs like Holy Qur’aan”. On other place, “Bring only three like this”, and in this Surah, “if not, produce at least one Surah like this. You can call and collect your all friends to try, but it is the only condition that your speech would have all those excellences which are held in the Speech of God and your speech would affect the life of human being like the Surahs of Holy Qur’aan”.

Before Islam the Arab nation kept back from other nations in many matters. Morally she had lost essence of humanity. Socially and economically they were at the stage of limitless low. Politically they had not wisdom entirely. They were plain from the conception of religion. Really they were brave but due to ignorance and bigotry they became idiots and oppressors.

God Almighty revealed this Speech on the last Messenger (Peace be upon Him) and with its source this nation became spiritual guide of the entire world. The Messenger (Peace be upon Him) did not remain ever pupil of any teacher out of human beings. He (Peace be upon Him) did not know reading and writing absolutely. He (Peace be upon Him) did not has information regarding any outer part of the world. The people of His (Peace be upon Him) country were illiterate and they were proud of being illiterates.

With the Speech of God the Illiterate Prophet (Peace be upon Him) carried His illiterate and ignorant nation on the steps of improvement and perfection that there is no comparison in the history of world. These Arabian became guides of the nations of world in morality, spiritualism, sociology, economics, politics, sovereignty, religion, means every part of life.

In the history of one thousand four hundred years of Islam any scholar or learned could not accept this challenge of Holy Qur’aan. Ibn maqna’ tried boundless in the era of Caliph Haroon Rasheed and after him, before some centuries the scholars and writers of Lebanon but they could not write the answer of seven verses of “The Opening” (Surah al-Faatihah).

Transliteration in Roman Script, English Translation by Marmaduke Pickthall (Holy Qur’aan published by Paak Company, Urdu Bazar Lahore and Paraphrase collected from Dars e Qur’aan published By Idara Islah wa Tableegh, Lahore, translated By Muhammad Sharif Fauji