Islam Claims To Be In Accord With Human Nature

Part – III


(Peace Be Upon Them)


1.   ‘KHALQ’ AND ‘AMR’:- The four basic factors of Manifestation (Zuhoor), viz. (1) ‘Khalq (Creation), (2) ‘Amr’ (Command), and the initiative of (‘Amr’) – (3) ‘Kun’ (Be), also called (4) ‘Kalima’ (Word), have been explained before. “Verily your Rab (Lord) is God. Who created the heavens and the earth in six days (periods), and is firmlyestablished on the Throne of (Authority) He created the sun, the moon and the stars (all) governed by Laws, under His (‘Amr) Command. Are not both for Him? “Khalq’ (Creation) and ‘Amr’ (Command.” 54: 7.


In the above passage the action of ‘Khalq’ is illustrated as a chain of Causation, while ‘Amr’ is just hinted, as Command. Now to elucidate ‘Amr’ says the Qur-‘aan:-


‘Verily His ‘Amr’ is this: when he intends a thing, He says for it ‘Kun’ (Be) and there it is.’ 82: 36.


In other words, the action of ‘Amr’ is Instantaneous and Absolute, free from the chain of Causation. This ‘Kun’ (Be) is also called ‘Kalima’ (Word); thus owing to his miraculous birth, under the action of ‘Kun’ (Be), Jesus Christ is himself described as ‘Kalima’ (Word). Says the Qur-‘aan : “Behold! The angels said: Oh Mary! God giveth thee Glad tidings of a ‘Kalima’ (Word) from Him; his name will be Christ Jesus, the son of Mary.” 45: 3. Jesus Christ is called Kalima or Word, being the product of ‘Kun’ (Be) in the sphere of ‘Amr’,’ is contrast with others, born in the sphere of ‘Khalq’ through fathers, with a chain of Causation.


2.   CHRIST – PRODUCT OF ‘AMR’:-  Let us now proceed to our subject, Truth in the life of Mary and Christ. Virgin Mary and her son Jesus Christ (God’s blessings on both) were often subject to the action of ‘Amr’ as compared with ‘Khalq’ in their life, and hence the leading events of their life, seem, as it were, shrouded in mystery, for instance, Mary’s miraculous supply of provisions in girlhood, the birth of Christ, his miracles and his end, all smack of mystery, because as pointed out before, they were dominated by ‘Amr’ in particular, and ‘Amr’ defies the chain of Causation, so common in the sphere of ‘Khalq’, thus the action of ‘Amr’ being Instantaneous and Absolute, it is from the sphere of ‘Amr’ that the Miracles of Prophets spring. Several problems of spiritual sphere, for instance the ‘Mi’raaj or Ascension of Prophet Muhammad in his life, or the Resurrection of Christ according to Christian Belief, and such others, are stated in the Qur-‘aan and the Bible, for general information, and for belief, and belief has got its own value and importance; but their operation and their significance are open to the grasp of only those, who are advanced enough in spiritual Culture. But their words and deeds have to be in perfect consonance with the Qur-‘aan, no deviation can be tolerated in their case, so as to detect pretenders in their fanciful interpretations who claim to be somehow, Prophet Ahmad, and a replica of Muhammad, of Christ and Krishn, rather an improvement upon the originals, somewhat like revised and enlarged editions all combined. For instance, such was the origin of Qaadianism by one Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qaadianee of Qaadian in Punjab, India (whose FRAUD was exposed by Prof. Burney in his book “Qaadiani Movement”) in English and “Qaadiani Mazhab” in Urdu (which is an Encyclopaedia of Qaadianizm).


3.   MIRACLES:-  Now reverting to the features of ‘Amr’ and ‘Khalq’, let us take Virgin Mary first. While she was yet a girl, she was endowed with ‘Amr’ in the supply of her provisions. Says the Qur-‘aan, “Every time that he (Zakariyyaa) entered her chamber to see her, he found her supplied with Provisions from God. Vide 37: 3. Imbued with the spirit of ‘Amr’ like his mother Mary, and on a large scale, Christ made a prayer to God, but at the request of his Disciples, to be supplied with provisions from heaven. The favour based on ‘Amr’ was a gift in the case of Mary, and a grant in the case of Christ, so a hard condition was imposed in the later case, to be severely punished for disbelief, if the miracle were to make its appearance. Vide 115 to 118: 5. When Mary came of age, fit to give birth to Christ which took place as below:-


       “The angels said: Oh Mary! God giveth thee Glad tidings of a Word from Him. His name will be Christ Jesus, the son of Mary- – – He shall speak to the people in infancy”. She said: “How shall I have a son, when no man has touched me.” He said: “Even so: God createth what He willeth, when He hath issued ‘Amr’ to action). Vide 45 to 47: 3. The pains of childbirth drove her to a date-tree. She cried, “Ah, would that I had died before this!… But a voice cried to her, “Grieve not! For thy Lord hath provided a rivulet beneath thee. Shake the stem of the date-tree; it will let fall fresh ripe dates upon thee.” 16 to 26: 19.               


4.   IMPORTANCE OF ‘KHALQ’:- As pointed out, ‘Khalq’ is most common in action, and ‘Amr’ is considered superior to ‘Khalq’. But ‘Khalq’ is also indispensable for spiritual Accomplishment. Thus it is that Mary was favoured with ‘Amr’ about the supply of provisions in girl-hood, but when she rose in status, so as to be the mother of Christ, she was made subject to ‘Khalq’ to use efforts to make dates fall from the tree after childbirth. Similarly while her conception of Christ was unfelt under the action of ‘Amr’, the delivery was very hard indeed, to assert action of ‘Khalq’ at the climax to set a balance between ‘Khalq’ and ‘Amr’ to elevate her position in Humanity. Angels are subject to ‘Amr’, and Animals are subject to ‘Khalq’, and Man holds a combination of both but the Genii are confused between Angels and Men.


5.   END OF CHRIST IN THE BIBLE AND THE QUR-‘AAN:- The Ministry of Christ lasted only about three years from 30 to 33 years of his age. The action of ‘Amr was most prominent in his life that he healed the blind and lepers and quickened the dead to life (vide 49: 2), but according to the Bible and Christian Traditions, Christ felt agonies on the Cross which made him cry helpless till he yielded up his ghost-(in the sphere of Khalq’). This submission (Islam) to the action of ‘Khalq’ in spite of the gift of ‘Amr’ is the characteristic of ‘Abd’, Apostle, and saint. Vide 30 to 35 : 19. The last moments of the life of Jesus Christ as if, on the Cross, are thus portrayed in the Bible:-


       “Now from the sixth hour was darkness over all the land unto the ninth hour, and about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying “Eli! Eli! Lama sabach-thani? That is to say. “My God, My God, Why hast Thou forsaken me? Jesus when he had cried out with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost.” (Matt. XXVII, 45-50).


       But the Qur-‘aan says Christ was altogether saved from the indignity of the Cross, and as if by a miracle of likeness, someone else of the same features was crucified by the Jews under illusion. Says the Qur-‘aan:-


       (Verse, 157) “And they (Jews) said (in boast), we killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Apostle of God (in the Knowledge of God). But they killed him not, nor crucified him, but it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts with no (certain) Knowledge, but only conjectures to follow, for a surely they killed him not.”


       (Verse, 158) “Nay, God raised him up unto Himself, and God is Mighty, Wise.”


       (Verse, 159) “And there is none, of the people of the Book, but must believe in him (Christ), before his death. And on the Day of Judgment, he (Christ) will be a witness.” Vide 157 to 159: 4.    


       While the Jews claim to have killed Christ on the Cross, it is also a Cardinal Point of Faith to the OrthodoxChristianChurches that (a) Jesus Christ gave up his life on the Cross. That (b) he was buried after Crucifixion, that (c) on the third day, he rose in body with his wounds fresh, that (d) he met his disciples and (f) was afterwards taken up bodily to heaven. In fact, this is the Belief which forms the basis of the theological doctrine of blood sacrifice and Vicarious Atonement for since, which is, however, losing its force with the Modern Age of Action and Retribution.


6.  EXAMINATION AND RESULT:-  Let us ponder the passage quoted above (157 to 159).


     Three points emerge from them. It would appear from (157) that contrary to the belief of Jews and Christian, Jesus Christ was not killed on the Cross: from (158) that Christ was raised up to God, and from (159) that People of the Book must believe in him till the time of his death.


     Now the first point is clear and definite in itself and needs no further elucidation. As to the second point how Christ was raised up to God, it is further explained as below:-


     (55) “Behold! God said: Oh Jesus! I will take thy soul (make thee die) and raise thee to Myself and clear thee (of the, falsehoods) of those who blaspheme, (that they crucified thee) as is cleared by the Qur-‘aan).” Vide 55: 3.


     (120) ‘And I (Christ) was a witness over them (Christians) whilst I dwelt amongst them, (but) when Thou didst take my soul (made me die). Thou wast the watcher over them, and Thou art a witness to all things.” 120: 5.


     (33) “So peace is on me (said Christ) the day I was born, the day that I die, and the day that I shall be raised up to life again (at Resurrection).” 33: 19.


     The third point is only a natural consequence of the first and second, the Jews and Christians must believe in him not only up to the event of Crucifixion when he did not die, but also after the said event, up to the time before his death, or till the end of his life.


     This problem, the end of Christ on earth, has been, since long, the subject of long and learned dissertations, not only in Christian, but also in Islamic literature, covering a vast field of Traditions, as well. The subject seems saturated with a sense of mystery. But within the Qur-‘aan alone, its solution came so spontaneous and so plain to the present author (Elias Burney), that he felt nervous lest he should be suffering from delusion. But still he keeps an open mind on the question. Traditions are no doubt an integral factor in the Teachings of Islam, but they are acceptable, not in addition to the Qur-‘aan, but only as subsidiary to the Qur-‘aan.


7.   CHRIST – ‘UZAIR-POLYTHEISM (Peace Be Upon Them)

God is indignant if Christ is believed to be God himself. Vide 19:5, 75 to 78: 5. To say nothing of Godship, Christ is not even the son of God, but only an Apostle like several others. The same is the case with ‘Uzair, a Prophet of the Jews. The priests have often been the source of trouble in Religion, to lead people astray, and to grow rich at others’ expense. It is to be accepted that Islam is the Religion of Truth, and Muhammad is the Apostle of God, says the Qur-‘aan. Vide 171: 4.


     To sum up, great stress is laid throughout the Qur-‘aan on God’s Transcendence (‘Tanzeeh’), but His Immanence (‘Tashbeeh’) is admitted as well. The Oneness of God is the bedrock of Islam, called ‘Tauheed’ or Monotheism, and the reverse called ‘Shirk’ or Polytheism is the greatest sin never to be forgiven. Vide 48, 116: 4, 119 to 121: 5.


8.   LIFE IN HEAVEN:- One view is to treat the description of Heaven as the symbolism for the indescribable Bliss of Hereafter, but the Religious Experience confirms the literal sense, refined of course. Here is a synopsis of Salvation. Says the Qur-‘aan : “Theirs are the Gardens Eternal Home: God well pleased with them, and they with God; that is the great Salvation (the fulfillment of all desires), .” 122: 5. “They and their associates (wives and family) will be in groves of (cool) shade, reclining on Thrones (of dignity). (Various) Fruits (refreshments) will be there for them. They shall have whatever they call for (endowed with ‘Amr’) PEACE-a word (of Blessing) from the Lord, Most Merciful.” Vide 55 to 56: 36. “Those who believe (in God and His Apostle Muhammad and in subsequent Truths) and stick to Righteousness), their Lord will guide them because of their Faith, (to Regions) beneath which will flow rivers in Gardens of Paradise. (This be) their glee therein: “Glory to thee, O God!” and ‘Peace’ be their greetings (to companions) therein, and the close of their glee will be, “Praise be to God, the Cherisher and Sustainer of all the worlds.” 9, 10: 10, 31: 16, 25, 31 to 35: 50, 122: 5, 55 to 58: 36. On the contrary, if they disbelieve and reject Faith, they will burn in Hell-Fire in the Next Life. Vide 77, 96: 56, 16: 11, 18, 72: 17.


9.   CONCLUSION:-  Now to conclude, all the Major Religions should put before Mankind their systems, realistic as well as idealistic, in all the spheres of human life, as taught by their Basic Books, so as to preserve the original purity, bearing the Seal of Authority. Numerous accretions and additions however accepted, should not be permitted to share the Authority of any Basic Book, which alone is accepted as the Standard of Religion. So let the Basic Books speak for themselves. This is the only way to settle the future of Religion for Mankind after comparative study.               


There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah.

(Peace be Upon Him)


Copied by Muhammad Sharif Fauji from the HOLY QUR’AN (transliteration in roman script with English translation by Marmaduke Pickthal), Published by ,Paak  Company, 17-Urdu Bazar Lahore Pakistan

Lessons from Holy Qur'an

Mischievous Cleverness of Hypocrites



Mischievous Cleverness of Hypocrites

Verse – 11 & 12 of 286, section -2

11. And when it is said unto

them: Make not mischief in

the earth, they say: We are

peace-makers only.

12. Beware! They indeed are

the mischief-makers, but

they perceive not.

11. Wa ‘izaa qiila lahum laa tuf-siduu fil-‘arzi, qaaluuu ‘in-namaa nahnu muslihuun


12. ‘Alaaa ‘innahum humul-mufsi-

duuna walaakil-laa yash-‘uruun


laa tuf-siduu – (Make not mischief). This word came out from the word Fasaad – (Quarrel; riot; disturbance; rebellion; war; sedition; mutiny). Here the meanings of “Make not mischief” are the sins which interrupt in the system. When these circumstances become usual, these interrupt in the peace of world and system of universe. Fasaad is a big crime according to the teachings of Islam.


Muslihuun – (Peace-makers). This word has come out from Salaah which is opposite to Fasaad. With ‘Fasaad’ the system is damaged and with ‘Salaah’ the system is corrected.


       Another most mischievous cleverness of the Hypocrites is being mentioned in this verse. To remain on the bad manners and preaching for it is a big crime in the Divine’s Law and the Hypocrites did it. Now they have started spreading Fasaad also including creation of mismanagement. Behind the screen conspiracy and showing themselves as friends; enmity became their habituated. Heart disease overcame on the Hypocrites so much that they forgot distinguish between good and bad. When it is said to them not to make mischief with this mode of their acts in the country, they say, “we are peace-makers only. But indeed they are mischief-makers. How it is a big mischief that Infidels get supposing due to their hypocrisy, “there is no excellence/beauty in Islam because being Muslims these people are still involved in the sins.” On the other hand they tempt deceiving the Muslims. They claim themselves as Muslims but have not fear of God in their hearts. Due to their behaviour, there is a risk that others will also forget the Fear.


       It is found now that good behaviour grows between the people with the Truth, which becomes cause of peace-making in the world. And hypocrisy interrupts in the management of the world. When a person reaches at this stage and does not understand his weakness, ruin seizes him. His wisdom and internal perception ends.         


Transliteration in Roman Script, English Translation by Marmaduke Pickthall and Paraphrase collected from Dars e Qur’aan published By Idara Islah wa Tableegh, Lahore & translated By Muhammad Sharif Fauji