Lessons from Holy Qur'an

Deceit of the Hypocrites



Deceit of the Hypocrites

Verse – 9 of 286, section -2

They think to beguile Allah and

those who believe, and they beguile

none save themselves; but they

perceive not.

Yukhaadi-‘uunallaha wal-laziina ‘aamanuu. Wa maa yakhda-‘uuna ‘illaaa ‘anfusa-hum wa maa yash-‘uruun.



        Yukhaadi-‘uuna (They deceive, beguile). It means to hide the evil thought in the heart and to show oneself a good fellow so that the other person may be deceived and keep him in delusion.

       ‘Anfusa-hum (Their bodies, spirits, souls)


        Wa maa yash-‘uruun. (They do not understand). This word is built from Sha’uur, according to Arabic language it means to understand, to guess. Here it aims internal perception. Intention is that they are fallen in self-delusion. But they do not know their folly.


       In the last lesson hypocrites discussed that what they say with their tongues, their hearts do not accept, and what they keep in their hearts, they do not bring that on their tongues. They say themselves ‘Muslim’ to get favour and advantage from the Muslims or to escape themselves from the Muslims hold. In addition, their form of this act (hypocrisy) has been enlightened in this lesson. They are committed in the crimes of deceit and cheat besides the infidelity. Their courage has been so increased opposing the Truth that according to their thoughts they are deceiving The God too. In the days of The last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) they joined and attended the Muslim conferences and consultations, reinstated their confidence with Muslims and kept conspiracy with infidels secretly, told them the matters of Muslims and in the shape of friends stabbed in the backs of Believers.


       This act of Hypocrites is censurable particularly that they try to deceive the Believers. Keeping someone in delusion and misleading becomes their religion. Not only the Believers, have they thought also that they will succeed to deceive The God Almighty. How much they are senseless, that the creature thinks to deceive his Creator. So Allah Almighty says in His Holy Book, Al-Qur’aan, that they do not understand the decency of the Truth. They suppose the senselessness as intelligence and wisdom as folly.        


Transliteration in Roman Script, English Translation by Marmaduke Pickthall and Paraphrase collected from Dars e Qur’aan published By Idara Islah wa Tableegh, Lahore & translated By Muhammad Sharif Fauji



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