Lessons from Holy Qur'an



F A A T I H A H – 1

Verse – 5 of 7, section -1

‘Ihdinas-Siraatal-Musta-qiim  Show us the Straight Path


We admit that The GOD (ALLAH) is our CREATOR, our MASTER, our BENEFICENT and promise that we shall obey the orders of ALLAH and do worship only for ALLAH. We shall ask help only from HIM. Now we want to get guidance from our LORD so that we may not err erroneously which may cause HIS anger. So we need to walk on that path, on which we may get HIS happiness, pleasure and which may take us towards HIM.

‘Ihdi – show, instruct, admonish. There are many things, included in it. For instance-to show path, to carry on the straight path, to convey on the destination. So it is the benediction that which the way, we do not know, show us that, so that we may achieve our goal and not to remain behind the destination.

We can not discover the path with our knowledge and wisdom. Because our knowledge is limited and our sense is a conch and defective. So we request only HIM (ALLAH) to show us the path as per HIS theology, on which there is no crookedness, no ups and downs, no fear of stumbling. There may be complete rules and regulations of the life, each corner and section of life may have accomplished base for guidance.

We beg for these aggregation benedictions so that relationship of each individual may remain with the nation personally. Whenever we offer prayers, we ask for help, we beg to show the right path to us, we do aggregate all these things. Teachings like this, to live as a unity, can not be found anywhere except Islam.

How this benediction is perfect, “O ALLAH! Show us the straight path”. There is no time whenever the mankind does not need to know about the straight path and correct manners. Eating, drinking, writing, reading, buying, selling, doing the jobs to establish the government/state, decision making on the law-suits, it means that there is none problem for that a person does not have to get sound guidance. So ALLAH ALMIGHTY has fixed these benedictions to be recited in all prayers. So that every person may beg for getting guidance and power to act.

  • Each religion has instructedits followers to beg for blessings, some people request for the bread, some ask for power, some beg for light of heart, some pray to be forgotten their sins. Our LORD taught us a perfect benediction in which we have been guided for every field of life.

TRANSLITERATION IN ROMAN SCRIPT, ENGLISH TRANSLATION BY MARMADUKE PICKTHALL and Paraphrase collected from Dars e Qur’aan published By Idara Islah wa Tableegh, Lahore & translated By Muhammad Sharif

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