Lessons from Holy Qur'an



F A A T I H A H – 1

Verse – 3 of 7, section -1

Maaliki Yawmid-Diin

Owner of the Day of Judgment 


Fourth epithet of ALLAH ALMIGHTY is mentioned in this verse. This is to say that HE is The OWNER of the doomsday.

MAALIK – epithet of ALLAH. Any Ruler or Judge may have a lot of power in this world. However his authority is limited, under compulsion to punish the criminal as per laws of the country. But ALLAH ALMIGHTY has used the word The OWNER for HIMSELF, WHO has full power. If HE wishes to punish the criminal, HE can and if HE wishes to forgive him, HE can. None is ruler upon HIM.


Diin – Exchange the reward or punishment. Doomsday is called the Day of Judgment, because the people will be rewarded or punished on their acts, done during their present life. OWNER of the doomsday means that on that day every person, Muslim or infidel and denier, will see the epithet of ownership of ALLAH. None will be able to run away from the exchange of reward or punishment.


All the Prophets (Alaihe mussalaam) came here and preached that each mankind is responsible for actions, done by him. There will come a time when the people will be asked about their acts. And they will be exchanged with rewards or punishment. Though this exchange is in action here, but on the doomsday it will be practiced at full scale. Earth and skies will perish. All the persons will be present in the court of ALLAH ALMIGHTY. HE will be The SOVEREIGN on that day. HE will pay rewards on virtues and punish on the badness. None of the people will have power either to disobey HIS decision or recommend someone without HIS permission or discharge criminal violently or get relief after paying some remuneration.      


Who succeeds to get fame on that day, he will be fortunate. He will live in palaces and majestic gardens. There will be different kinds of fruit, honey and canals of milk for him.  On the other hand, he, who will fail, he will be un-lucky. He will be thrown in the flames of Hell.


We should prepare ourselves to escape from distress, trouble and painful penalty on the Day of Resurrection. We should always obey the orders of The GOD and HIS Prophet (Peace be upon Him). So that we may escape ourselves from much shame of the doomsday. We may get relief from the horrible penalty and succeed in attaining blessings of the Heaven for ever.    


 Collected  TRANSLITERATION IN ROMAN SCRIPT, ENGLISH TRANSLATION BY MARMADUKE PICKTHALL published by Paak Company Lahore  and  Paraphrase from Dars e Qur’aan published By Idara Islah wa Tableegh, Lahore & translated By Muhammad Sharif Fauji





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