Lessons from Holy Qur'an



(Views of some Muslim Scholars & Mystics)

            Hadrat Muhammad, The Last Prophet, (Peace Be upon Him) says, “There is a piece of flesh in the mankind’s body that is called heart. Soul is in the heart. Sirr (secret) is in the soul. Mystery (khafi) is in the sirr. Concealment (akhfa) is in the mystery. Who have knowledge; they know that ego (anaa) is in the concealment. This ego hints towards GOD (ALLAH).


          Maolana Roomi (may GOD have mercy on him) says, sorrow, cent times sorrow on the mankind who has liked that food for himself which was for his ass. Namely, whose purpose of life is only eating, drinking and intercourse? He is not better than his donkey. The person who always thinks that what was entering into his belly, his cost is that thing which discharges from his belly.   

Body and soul are common between both, mankind and animal. Soul is also called, the spirit, which causes the life to exist in the body and whose seat is the heart. But the person is a mankind because he has a mankindly soul, which is called spiritual soul.


          Revelation of GOD

          To earn is not the real purpose of the mankind. To earn or employment is to live. Purpose of living is for accessing towards GOD, to achieve HIS vicinity, HIS revelation. GOD says in HIS Holy Book, Al Qur’aan, “wa maa khalaqtul jinna wal insa illaa le ya`bodoon(WE have created jinn and mankind, only for worship). As long revelation of GOD is not achieved till then we can’t do worship like we have to do.


          So saints, the most learned persons of Islam, try to achieve position of mortality for GOD through devotions, tries and worships, where devotee is praised with the virtues of GOD. Then soundly he becomes slave of GOD. It is the place, where in the phrase of mysticism, is called eternity for GOD. Now it is found that eternity is impossible without mortality and worship is difficult without eternity. A Muslim becomes actual faithful at that time when he acquires self-purification through devotions, tries and worships. That is to say, he empowers his soul to fly towards the sacred world after purification of his soul from bodily pollutions through getting relief from selfishness, sensual-ness, love of wealth and property, greediness and temptation, being praised from love, brotherhood sympathy, faithfulness & truth, because mankind is collection of muddy body and soul.


          The soul is a thing of sacred world. It attracts the mankind upward. Body is made from the mud, which pulls the human being downward. But when, by self-purification, strength of sensual wishes becomes less, afterward, soul brings the person towards sacred world easily. Person is examined by putting him in the struggle between body and soul that either he goes to the sacred world or he likes to be drowned in the inferior world. Cause of life of a person is to be examined that who has a good character, who is lover of beauty, who is fond of knowledge and wisdom. But in fact all of them are lovers of real beloved ‘GOD’. It is the intention of Islam that all these people be brought to the right & straight path.


          Reality of the Soul


          ‘Say, the soul is from the Order of GOD. You are given less knowledge about it’. It doesn’t mean that knowledge of the Holy Messenger, Hadrat Muhammad (peace be upon Him) is less. It means that knowledge about soul is so vast that even You (peace be upon Him) are given much knowledge of soul but Your (peace be upon Him) knowledge about soul is very less comparatively to GOD’s knowledge. Because on this topic Hadrat Muhammad (peace be upon Him) guides us in His (peace be upon Him) Holy sayings (Ahaadith). From these sayings we have come to know that His (peace be upon Him) knowledge about the soul was much vast. Some of Holy sayings are appended below:-

  • Skies and earth have not too much space that GOD may contain in them. But at the other hand, HE may take place in HIS worshippers’ heart.
  • Heart of the worshipper of ALLAH is HIS abode.
  • Frighten from the wisdom (spiritual vision) of a believer because he observes with the Sight of GOD.
  • GOD commands us, “whenever my worshipper wants to get my nearness by prayers, I love him. I become so near to him that he looks with MY eyes, listens to with MY ears and works with MY strength.
  • GOD is the Light (Noor), (soul) of the skies and the earth.

It has been proved by science now that the soul is running in all things of the universe, like beasts, vegetations, fossils, minerals etc.     




Collected, translated and written by: Muhammad Sharif Fauji



Lessons from Holy Qur'an











          It is better to be a mankind than Angels

          But it needs more tendency  and  labors


          Hadrat Adam (peace be upon Him) to Hadrat Muhammad (SallALLAH O Alaehe wa Alehi wasallam) more or less one hundred, twenty four thousand Prophets (peace be upon them)

Came in this world. Preaching of all of them was the same, “GOD is one, do worship that one GOD, which is The CREATOR of all the worlds, no devotion but for HIM, do worship that MASTER, WHO grows the grain from the mud, obey to ALLAH, WHO creates without mother `Hadrat Hawwa` (who is mother of all the mankind) , without father `Hadrat Jesus`, without father and mother Hadrat Adam (compliments on Him), WHO creates live from the dead and dead from the live, WHO is The MASTER of all the universe and worlds (the day of judgment too). Earth, skies, sun, moon, stars, animals, minerals, vegetation etc, all are created by one GOD. Every thing belongs to HIM and every thing will go back to HIM.



          (WE are more nearer to the great vein of him)


          ALLAH is looking everywhere, in the universe and also out of the universe. HE has no relative or partner. “There is none worthy of worship but ALLAH” meditate deeply in it. When there was nothing, there was ALLAH (GOD), when there will be nothing, there will be ALLAH. The entire universe is HIS model. Limited human mind is unable to understand the essence of GOD, though forever mankind has to try his best. So, our elders avoided to explain this fidelity and left it in abridgement.


          ALLAH is incomparable and without similarity. HE is excluded from part and entire. HE has no body and organs. HE can not be divided. HE has besieged everything. He has contained every thing and HE can not be contained in any thing. HE is unlimited. HE is the Light of earth and skies.


          ALLAH inclines us, “I was a hidden treasure. I wished that I would be viewed. So I created the universe”. During creating the universe, GOD made a mirror for HIMSELF, so that HE may see HIS beauty. That mirror is the mankind. GOD says, “WE produced our trust over skies, over earth, over mountains but they all frightened and denied to accept it. The mankind accepted it because he was tyrant and ignorant”.


Mankind was a collection of body and soul. Soul side was bright and body side was dark. Glass can not be a mirror until one side would be bright and the other side dark. The Angels were created entirely from the Light, earth and mountains were made of material. So those were unable to be a mirror. Only mankind was a thing which was able to be a mirror, because his soul side was bright and body side was dark. So he was chosen to become a mirror. Now he was able to be a reflector of the beauty of GOD.

 It is revealed that the words of tyrant and ignorant used for mankind in the Holy Qur’aan are not for censure but are for his utmost praise which GOD has given a charter to HIS assistant, Caliph of GOD on the earth, who is called mankind. So it was necessary that the characteristics and virtues of GOD would be contained in the mankind. On being praised by the virtues of GOD he was made a mankind, worshipped of the Angels & Caliph of the GOD on the earth.                   


  Collected, translated and written by: Muhammad Sharif Fauji 

Lessons from Holy Qur'an

FOUNDATION OF ISLAM – 3, 1. b. First Pillar of Islam – Part II


1. b. First Pillar of Islam – Part II
The testimony, that, Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) is GOD`s last Prophet (Messenger). In the dignities of inventions this dusty body who is called social animal, is a perfect person, a perfect man-kind. Hadrat Muhammad, Messenger of GOD (Peace be upon Him) is the most perfect eminent and complete appearance of ALMIGHTY. Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) is the real Caliph of The GOD on the earth.

Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) said that first of all The CREATOR created my illumination and from my Light created the entire universe. Islamic scholars, saints, connected people and closely relaters (may ALLAH have mercy on them) are assistants and caliphs of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him). Revelation inspired upon the Messenger (Peace be upon Him), Say! “If you love GOD, be loyal to me, GOD will love you”. It reveals that he, who follows the Messenger (Peace be upon Him), takes the God’s beloved rank, which is the highest place.

Perfect love with The Holy Messenger (Peace be upon Him) is the condition for perfect faith. Love will be perfect when the love with The Holy Messenger (Peace be upon Him) is more than the love with ones parents, wives, children, wealth and property. So who claims love with GOD without love with Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him), is liar and he is rejected in the court of GOD.

It is said that one person requested to Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him), O! Messenger (Peace be upon Him) of GOD! When shall I be a true and pure orthodox? He was replied, whenever you love GOD. He requested again, when my love will be with GOD? He was replied, when you will love HIS Messenger (Peace be upon Him). Then he requested again, when my love will be with Messenger (Peace be upon Him)? He was replied, when you will move on the path/practice of the last Prophet (Peace be upon Him), you will love them who love the Messenger (Peace be upon Him), you will put malice against them who put malice against the Messenger (Peace be upon Him). If you love some one, have love for the sake of Messenger (Peace be upon Him) and if you have enmity with any one, have enmity for the sake of Messenger (Peace be upon Him).

Then Messenger (Peace be upon Him) said, “Faith of the people is not equal. Moreover, as much any one loves Me (Peace be upon Him), his faith will be so strong. Like this the infidelity of the people is not equal. As much someone has malice against Me (Peace be upon Him), his infidelity will be so strong. Be cautious! Who has not my love in his heart, he has no faith, who has not my love in his heart, he has no faith, who has not my love in his heart, and he has no faith”.

Hadrat Khawaja Ba Yazeed Busta`mi (may ALLAH have mercy on him) said, “Perfect rank of common believers is the basic rank of the pious, perfect rank of pious is the basic rank of martyrs, perfect rank of martyrs is the basic rank of faithful, perfect rank of faithful is the basic rank of prophets, perfect rank of prophet is the basic rank of messengers, perfect rank of messengers is basic rank of Muhammad (Peace be upon Him). And the rank of GOD`s beloved (Peace be upon Him) does not know anyone but ALLAH”.

To get favor from GOD, it is impossible without sake and support. That sake and support is kindness of the last Prophet, Hadrat Muhammad (Peace be upon Him). For this purpose GOD commands us in the Holy Qur’aan, “Without any doubt GOD and HIS Angels send compliments upon the Messenger (Muhammad) (Peace be upon Him), O! Believers! You also send the compliments on Him (Muhammad) (Peace be upon Him).

Hadrat Abi bin Ka`b (may GOD be agreed upon him) requested in the court of prophet-hood, “O! Messenger (Peace be upon Him) I want to offer compliments on you, how much should I offer”? He was replied, “as much as you can” He asked again, “should I offer compliments from 1/4th time of remaining worship and prayer”? He was then replied, “as much as you can, however if you can offer more than it, it is better for you”. He requested again, “if it is better, then why should not I offer compliments on you from half of the remaining time of worship and prayer”? Muhammad) (Peace be upon Him) said, “Your will, if you do more than it, it is better for you”. He requested once again, “2/3rd time can I offer”? Messenger (Peace be upon Him) commanded, “Your pleasure, if you do much more than it, it is better for you”. He requested, “O my Lord! Can I offer compliments on you whole the time instead of worship”? Listening this, the Merciful over the worlds (Messenger) (Peace be upon Him) said, “If you do so, your all acts will be corrected automatically and your all sins will be forgotten”. (Tirmzi, Mishka`t)

King of Madina the Messenger (Peace be upon Him) says, O people! Without any doubt, that person out of you will be released from the fears of the hereafter and difficult paths on the doomsday, who offered much compliments upon Me (Messenger) (Peace be upon Him) in this world. On the day of resurrection some parties will come on my Tank (fountain of paradise), I will recognize them due to their offering much compliments on Me (Peace be upon Him). Commit your mind for that time when the sun will be entirely near, the earth will be so hot, like burning coal, there will be NO space to hide for anyone, no water to drink. There our Lord, Messenger (Peace be upon Him) will give water to His followers from the pond of paradise. That lucky person, who offers much compliments on the Messenger (Peace be upon Him), he will succeed in getting a draught of water. Heat of doomsday will not be able to harm him.

Collected, translated and written by: Muhammad Sharif

Lessons from Holy Qur'an


1. a. First Pillar of Islam – Part I
The testimony, that “there is none worthy of worship but ALLAH (GOD)”. This is the speech which refuses all kinds of plurality of GOD completely. It gives us lesson “do worship of only one GOD”. Speech tells us if you do worship, do of ALLAH, WHO is not son of anyone, WHO is not father/mother of anyone and there is none equal to HIM.

This is the advice that GOD`s Prophets and Messengers (Peace be upon them) called their followers and nations towards oneness of GOD although these were great sovereign states and super powers against one of the each Messengers (Peace be upon them) always. They, Messengers, (Peace be upon them) were tried to be stopped from conveyance of the messages of GOD.
Hadrat Abraham (compliments upon Him) was thrown into the fire-base to prevent Him from communication of the Message. Here, it is said, “unhesitatingly love plunged into the fire of Nimrod”. But, see the grace of GOD, that fire-base was changed into garden (paradise).

Hadrat Moses (compliments upon Him) was raised against Pharaoh. When tyrannies vexed a lot to the Israelite, GOD helped them to cross the river without boats and ships. Pharaoh and his army, who were following the Israelite, were drowned into the river Nile at that same time and the same place.

The GOD gave the tongue to Jesus (compliments upon Him) in the cradle to speech the truth about His innocent Mother, Hadrat Miriam (compliments upon her). The tongue for speech was given to the Jesus (compliments upon Him) at that time when none can believe the speech of so little child.

Whenever the Holy Persons, GOD`s beloveds drown in the commemoration of The CREATOR, they have a concept, “there is none to be worshipped but the GOD (laa ma`booda illALLAH)”. “There is none to be intended but the MASTER (laa maqsooda illALLAH)”. “There is none existing but The LORD (laa maojooda illALLAH)”. They imagine at that time, THOU the “spiritual Guide” and THOU the ALMIGHTY, there is none spiritual guide except THEE, O! my CREATOR.

The last prophet, Hadrat Muhammad (SallALLAHO Alaihe wa Aalehi wasallam), guides us that who speaks, “there is none worthy of worship but ALLAH (GOD)”, he will go in the Heaven. I request to quote here that in the holy time of the Last Prophet, Hadrat Muhammad (SallALLAHO Alaihe wa Aalehi wasallam), there were also some hypocrites who recited this speech “there is none worthy of worship but ALLAH” (LAA ELAAHA ILLALLAH) along with the believers. But because they were not the believers so they will not be sent to the Heaven. They will go to the Hell.

When I say, I am a Muslim, I tremble. Because I know that after reciting, “there is none worthy of worship but ALLAH”, many restrictions will be restored upon me. I should be bound to take care The Divine’s rights, I should abstain from plurality of the CREATOR, I should act upon HIS orders, I should love the servants of GOD, I should love the creature of the CREATOR. I should not dishearten anyone, I should not eat the forbidden, I should serve my parents, I should bring up my children and members of my family in a better manner, I should not make water in the way and remove the thrones remaining in the way, I should not take the interest, I should not take bribe, I should bear in mind the rights of neighbors, I should feed the hungry and so on. That is to say, that I should act upon all the orders received from my CREARTOR and instructions received through the Holy Prophet Hadrat Muhammad (SallALLAHO Alaihe wa Aalehi wasallam) with pleasure. I should have patience and not quarrel on customary things. But whenever I have to fight against the enemies of GOD, I should not run away and contest steadily. “In the company of friends be soft like silk and be steel in the battle between false & true”. I should keep in mind that murder of a person is murder of the whole humanity.

It is said, “Frighten from the wisdom of pious, he looks from the sight of GOD”. Now, a little, we should peep and see in our collars, are we really Muslims? Real Muslims are like Hadrat Umar (may GOD be agreed upon him). Who has already sent the army under command of Hadrat Saria to fight against the enemy. It is trick of enemy to hide and attack from behind the hill side. Doing so, the paces of the Muslims would be pulled out. Now Hadrat Umar (may GOD be agreed upon him) preaching the audience in Madina, suddenly shouts “Ya Saria towards hill, Ya Saria towards hill” and Saria listens this voice in the battlefield and strengthens defence from the hill side and wins the war.

Or the Believers are like Tariq bin Ziad. With a handful army has to fight against enemy who is deployed on opposite bank of the sea. The enemy has much more worldly force and equipment comparatively. After landing on the seashore, the boats are burnt. Tariq narrates powerfully, “Enemy is ahead and the sea is on the back. Death is ahead and also on the back. If you die during fight against the disbelievers, you will be called martyrs and will go direct to heaven. If you withdraw, you will drown and die in the sea and it is suicide. If you do so, you will go direct to hell. Then dear sir! This handful army, who believed in “there is none worthy of worship but ALLAH (GOD)”, annihilated the enemy and returned with glorious victory.

Collected, translated and written by: Muhammad Sharif

Lessons from Holy Qur'an



1. The First Pillar of Islam
The testimony, that there is none worthy of worship but ALLAH and Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) is HIS Messenger.
The greatest blessing of ALLAH is Islam in the world. As per dictionary Islam means safety. If we want to pass a safe and satisfied life, we have to choose Islam as our religion. Because our CREATOR commands us in HIS Holy Qur’aan, “WE have completed the blessings on you and approved for you the religion Islam”.

So he, who adopts the religion ‘Islam’, is called ‘Muslim’. But know! Who is the Muslim? The person, who has become loyal to the real religion against his wishes & during his entire life, will be a Muslim. Neither does his love independent from Islam nor does his enmity independent from Islam. His prayers, his sacrifices, his life and his death (all) should be for the GOD, WHO is our MASTER, our CREATOR and WHO gives us livelihood.

The Testimony is although a collection of some words, but only a few people know the depth of its meanings and causes. These some words have changed the thoughts, the acts and characters of the human beings. Before reciting these words the person was only an animal. He was animal nature mankind, who was rebellious, cruel, disloyal and tyrant. But after reciting the Testimony, he became scared from cruelty, rebelliousness, disloyalty and tyranny. Yes, before reciting the Testimony, he was violent of the CREATOR but now he is beloved. At that time he was fuel for the Hell, but now he is a flower of Paradise.

On the other hand when a person recites the Testimony and promises that he is a Muslim, he announces that if there is any law that is law of the GOD. If there is any order, that is of the GOD. As though on becoming a Muslim he has left his independence. Now he can’t say, “This is my opinion and that is the custom of my dynasty, my atmosphere or my society. As after reciting the Testimony, he has lost his right to produce anything against the orders of the GOD and sayings of the Messenger (peace be upon Him).

He, who says himself a Muslim, should understand properly that he will remain Muslim till the time he remains bound under the limitations of Islam. Now for him it is impossible to have belief in the truth of Holy Qur’an, Sunnat [practices of the last Prophet (peace be upon Him)] and on the other hand he supposes needful to follow his sense and devil.

Every thing in the world has its own purpose. Nothing is useless, without purpose or advantage in the universe. Why water is drunk? It is used for quenching the thirst. But after drinking it still anyone remains thirsty. In that case the water is useless for him. Why patient takes medicine? He takes medicine to recover from illness. But if he still remains ill after taking the medicine, the medicine is useless for him. On it, imagine! The Testimony, as though, is nectar for the thirsty person and medicine for the patient. Alone purpose of giving the example of water and medicine is living acclamation change in the field of thoughts and acts. Till now this change has not come in our lives. If after drinking this nectar (reciting the Testimony) still the living acclamation change of thoughts and acts doesn’t come into us, then what is the difference between faith and infidelity?

So, it is learnt that the Testimony turns a Muslim towards heavy responsibility. It is the Instruction, which ALLAH gave us through the Holy Messenger (peace be upon Him). We should accept it whole heartedly. After having faith in it we should act upon this brilliant instruction with the intention of sincerity. Not only with the tongue, should we prove, but also with our acts, that if there is any law, that is only law of ALLAH which is mentioned in the Holy Qur’aan. If there is any system, that is only Divine’s law of religion. If there is any super power on the earth that is the RULER of the rulers. If there is a way to follow the foot-prints of anyone, that is the Spiritual Guide of the Prophets, Hadrat Muhammad (peace be upon Him).

Yes, it is the first and last purpose of the Testimony, that praying to one GOD, following the one last Messenger (peace be upon Him), acting upon one, the last Holy Book “Al Qur’aan” and remaining as one nation in the world.

It is the Testimony, due to which a person has become entirely independent from the worship of hundreds and thousands of the liar gods. History tells us that ashes were enlightened with the rays of the sun due to this Testimony. The shepherd and camel-drivers that lived in the deserts became able to wear the crowns of Caeser and Kisra.

Collected from the Book “Guldasta e-Taqaarir, written by Raees Muhammad Akram and translated by Muhammad Sharif

Lessons from Holy Qur'an



Praise belongs to ALLAH ALMIGHTY and HE is sufficient for us. Compliments & Peace be upon Muhammad (SallALLAHO Alaihe wa Aalehi wasallam), HIS Prophets, Messengers and chosen servants.

Every person wishes to earn Extra Money. Some of them want to become the richest in the world. Some of them desire to live in the society with honor, which is impossible without wealth & property. Some of them attempt to bring up their children to see them successful in their life. Some people are too poor to live. They need food, they need clothes and they need accommodation for themselves and their family.

They all are in search of their heart satisfaction. Their wishes have no end. There was a time when people lived in the caves. They arranged their food by hunting. They wore leaves of the plants/trees instead of clothes.

Then they ploughed earth. They got grain and cotton for their food and clothes. They made their homes with mud and bricks. They invented wheel. From wheel they invented machinery and then industry etc. But they could not satisfy their heart till now.

Each creature that is born is to die. After death he will be resurrected. He will be asked about his acts and deeds done during his first life (in this world). When he comes in this world, he weeps and the people (his parents and other near relatives) laugh and when he dies, he laughs and the people weep. He will be answer-able/responsible for his good and bad deeds on the Day of Resurrection.

For satisfaction of our hearts ALLAH ALMIGHTY commands us in his Holly Book (ALQUR-AAN), “ALAA BE ZIKRILLAHE TATMA-INNUL QOLOOB” (Satisfaction of the Hearts is in the mentions of ALLAH ALMIGHTY). It may be obtained by recitation and praying to GOD. Good deeds and honesty will bring him to Heaven. Evil and bad acts will pull him to the Hell. For proceeding to the Heaven, Faith in one GOD is needful. Detail is as under:-


I believe in:-

• One GOD, WHO is called ALLAH, The CREATOR.
• And HIS Angels (who are created from the Light).
• And HIS Books and Journals (which were descended by HIM on HIS Prophets (Compliments upon Them).
• And HIS Prophets and Messengers (Peace be upon Them)
• And the Day of Judgment and Resurrection
• And Fate – good or vice from the directions of ALLAH ALMIGHTY.
• And Resurrection on the Day of Judgment after death.


I believe in GOD (ALLAH) as HE is known by HIS names, by HIS characteristics (virtues) and I accept all HIS orders and instructions. I promise this with my tongue and have faith in my heart.

Foundation of Islam

Islam is based on following pillars:-
• The Testimony, that there is none worthy of worship except ALLAH and Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) is HIS Messenger.
• Abide by offering prayers.
• Fasting during the holly month of Ramadan.
• Paying the Zakaat (2.5% from the wealth on which one year is over).
• Performing the Hajj (Pilgrimage to Makka)

Collected & Written by: Muhammad Sharif

Lessons from Holy Qur'an


F A A T I H A H – 1


It is also called Faatihahtu’l-Kitaab, “The Opening of The Scripture, Ummul’l-Qur’aan and The Essence of The Qur’aan, as it is variously named, has been called The Lord’s Prayer of the Muslims. It is also named as Suurah al-Shafa as recitation of this Suurah results physical and spiritual restoration of health. ALLAH ALMIGHTY has taught his Servants to beg from HIM. If we wish to narrate the Abstract of Holy Qur’aan, then we shall say in this manner that there are three main subjects in the Holy Qur’aan, which are narrated repeatedly:-

  • The Skies, The Earth and every thing is created by ALLAH. He      has no relative, no partner, no co-sharer and no confederate. HE is ONE and all things are looked after and brought up by HIM.
  • Each mankind will be responsible himself for his acts and all the persons will be present in The Court of ALLAH, where, their acts will be examined and they will rewarded or awarded according to their acts, done in this life.
  • The Messengers of ALLAH were sent in all parts of the world, who told the people difference between the right and the wrong way. They instructed the mankind for goodness.   


It is an essential part of all Muslims’ worship, public and private, and no solemn contract or transaction is complete unless it is recited. The date of revelation is uncertain, but the fact that it has always, from the very earliest times, formed a part of Muslim worships, there being no record or remembrance of its introduction or of public prayer without it, makes it clear that it was revealed before the fourth year of the Prophet’s mission because we know for certain that by that time regular congregation prayers were offered by the little group of Muslims in Makkah. In that year, as the result of insult and attack, by the idolaters, the Prophet arranged for the service, which had till then been held out of doors, to take place in a private house.


This Suurah is also often called Saba’an min al-Mathaani, “Seven of the Oft-repeated” (verses being Understood), XV, words which are taken as referring to this Suurah.


You would have seen that how much virtue has this Suurah. Reciting it needs special attention and consideration. It should also be admonished to others. O ALLAH ALMIGHTY! Give us power and strength to do well.




  Collected by Muhammad Sharif from Dars e Qur’aan published By Idara Islah wa Tableegh, Lahore & translated and Holy Qur’an Serial # 359/W, published by PAAK COMPANY, Lahore